Taking The First Steps

A child's readiness is determined by many critical components such as good health, nurturing and positive, participatory parenting. High quality early learning experiences in the home, child care, and school settings allow children to thrive at a time when the brain is most formidable.

Research studies repeatedly show that children who arrive unprepared for first grade's challenges have a difficult time catching up and succeeding throughout the rest of their school years. Many of these students drop out of school or do not find fulfilling productive jobs after high school as a result of their slow start.

Orangeburg County First Steps is a comprehensive, county-wide education initiative designed to prepare children to reach the first grade healthy and ready to succeed.

We provide opportunities for preschool children to reach their fullest educational potential through the creation of solutions and funding of quality programs in order for the children of Orangeburg County to be on track for a lifetime of learning.

Orangeburg County First Steps seeks to remedy the lack of school readiness through a variety of programs and initiatives that promote higher academic achievements.

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